About International Motors

International Motors Sp. z o.o. was established to provide the highest quality car transport services throughout the European Union. Drivers' experience, a new car fleet and appropriate logistics facilities distinguish us from so many other companies operating in this are. To transport cars, we only use our own vehicles adapted to load damaged vehicles as well. Each transport is covered by a cargo insurance policy of up to EUR 150,000. In 90% of cases, we deliver the car within 24 hours of loading.


From the moment we collect the vehicle, we bear full responsibility for the cargo entrusted to us. To meet this responsibility we have all the necessary transport licenses and permits, certificates and full cargo insurance. Our drivers are properly trained and have many years of experience in vehicle transport. You can also count on the support of our speditors at any time.

Car fleet

Our fleet consists of 4 sets of modern car towers with trailers adapted to transport 3 cars at the same time. All cars are equipped with winches, emergency vehicle start kits and transport rollers. Our vehicles are regularly serviced, very well maintained, thanks to which we provide our services reliably and always on time. We also accept orders for unusual transports, after prior arrangement of details.